Your Sales Motion: Taking it from Excellent to Elite

Your Sales Motion: Taking it from Excellent to Elite

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Are we wired naturally to be elite? 

Regardless of your title, role, occupation, the opportunity to be elite is sitting right in front of us. Salespeople, leaders and organizations strive to drive higher win rates, larger deals and better margins. Investors, shareholders and executives aspire to build high-performing sales teams, capable of maximizing market opportunities. They are not looking for okay, average or even good. They are looking for awesome, exceptional and elite.

When salespeople take on a new career opportunity, they have made a conscious decision to pursue a career which is measured daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually on performance. Knowing expectations are high, how do we overcome the hurdles of average and operate at an elite level?     

Our own Ray de Avila is passionate about enabling salespeople and sales leaders to be elite in what they do. He goes through what it takes to be elite in our latest podcast.

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