The Best Sales Advice We

The Best Sales Advice We've Ever Received

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If you’ve been in the selling game awhile, you’ve likely received your share of sales advice.  We recently started a LinkedIn discussion asking for the best sales advice you've ever received. Here’s a list of some of our favorite responses:

  1. Shut up and listen. It works every time for me!
  2. Never, ever, ever compete on price. Always compete on quality and service. There will always be someone cheaper.
  3. Be yourself. Don't try to copy others. Find your own strengths and use them.
  4. How many times they say no is irrelevant. It's the one time they say "yes" that's important.
  5. I started selling tomatoes door to door; the farmer didn't so much give me advice, but he had a rule that you eat everything you drop. I still live by that rule!
  6. Look for the potholes.
  7. One of my first and best mentors said, "Don't read the books." I took his advice and from what I've heard from people that did read them, he was right. There's only one way to learn sales properly, live among people that have lived it. I have six mentors, each a successful salesperson with a lifestyle to prove it. They're all I've ever needed and are still all I need today.
  8. Don't be late.

We also asked our own team for the best sales advice they’ve ever received. Click the SlideShare below for some of their best tips. We know you have some of your own. Share your best advice by commenting below!



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