Our Best Podcast Episodes to Help You Align with Your Buyer in Sales Conversations

Our Best Podcast Episodes to Help You Align with Your Buyer in Sales Conversations

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When you’re successful at staying aligned with your buyer, you can drive interest, urgency and access to the key decision makers. However, there are various moving parts to effectively aligning your sales activities and conversations to your buyer, especially if you’re selling enterprise B2B solutions where multiple buyers are involved. We cover generating buyer alignment throughout the sales process in many episodes of The Audible-Ready Sales Podcast. Here’s a rundown of some popular episodes that may help you adjust your approach:

Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable Conversations

Align your solutions and your sales process to your buyer by understanding what they’re hoping to achieve from implementing a solution. Dig deep. Why are they taking a call with you? What’s working well in their organization, and what isn’t? Great discovery conversations only happen when salespeople aren’t afraid to be uncomfortable. Being elite often comes down to being the person who can ask great open-ended questions with patience, empathy and confidence. Force Management Facilitator Antonella O’Day shares how to dig deep in discovery conversations in a way that creates a healthy tension in the conversation. Tune in:

Finding Business Pain

Attaching to a big business problem gets you access, funding and urgency. How do you find the pain and then how do you attach your solution to it? In this episode, John Kaplan shares how to find big business pains in any opportunity. Listen to understand how you can attach decision makers and champions to solving those challenges in a way that supports your ability to win the deal. Tune in:

Three Questions You Need to Answer For Your Economic Buyer

Generating alignment with an economic buyer requires a specific approach. Selling to an economic buyer is always challenging and often different from one deal to the next. If you’re just starting in your sales career and calling on seasoned C-suite professionals, it can be increasingly difficult to get an economic buyer to see you and your offering as key to their success. Through effort and the right approach, you can overcome that challenge, like many elite sellers before you have. John Kaplan being one of them breaks down three key questions you need to answer for your economic buyer in order to propel a deal forward and how to go out and get those answers. Tune in:

Playing Back Your Sales Discovery Sessions

You can’t align your sales conversations and activities to your buyer if you're not able to play back your conversations. At the end of the call and/or in your follow-up email, always be sure to validate that you heard what the customer was saying and your next move is based on what they shared. Focus on improving your ability to articulate this message. Ensure you can use what you learned to lay the groundwork for your next steps and conversations. In this episode,  John Kaplan details how. Tune in:

Improve Your Ability to Execute the Critical Sales Skills

Like champion athletes, top-performing salespeople constantly hone their skillsets. Like skills to help you stay aligned with your buyer, we cover how to execute the fundamentals of great selling often on the Audible-Ready Sales Podcast. Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite streaming platform to never miss an episode.

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