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Salesforce acquires ClickSoftware for $1.35 Billion

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When you're trying to reach aggressive growth goals you need a disciplined sales organization that enables consistency, drives customer value, and allows you as a sales leader to accurately predict your number. That's exactly what Joe Marcin, SVP of Global Sales at ClickSoftware, set out to do when he hired Force Management. 

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1000% Growth in Bookings

Building efficiency and predictability were the critical components to ClickSoftware's success.  By implementing a disciplined focus on the customer, powered by Force Management's methodologies, Click created a revenue engine that differentiated their sales organization and got the attention of the marketplace. After implementing several Force offerings, Click saw:   
  • 8 quarters of nearly 100% forecast accuracy 
  • 1000% growth in bookings in the first 4 quarters after implementation
  • Record revenues for FY18
  • Increase in logo acquisitions
  • “Explosive” growth in the cloud business

Hear how ClickSoftware built a sales discipline around selling and negotiating on value. 

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"We differentiated not only what we sold, but how we sold it – and commanded a premium on our deals.”

Joe Marcin, SVP of Global Sales

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The Command Series

Sell More at Higher Margins

Avoid the commodity discussion and beat the competition consistently
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Accurately Predict Revenue

Ensure your global teams are consistently going after the right accounts
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Qualify and Close Deals Sooner

Create and effectively capture value throughout the customer engagement process
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Attract & Retain Key Talent with Less Effort

Ensure you have the right people to meet your revenue goals.
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This Isn’t Your Average Sales Initiative

You know your organization. You know what’s working and what isn’t. It’s likely your challenges are the same ones we’ve helped countless of other leaders fix permanently.

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