John Kaplan Interview: The Keys to Elite Selling

Force Management posted on February 5, 2024

CHARLOTTE, N.C., John Kaplan, co-founder and President of Force Management, appeared as the featured guest on the February 1st episode of The Elite Selling Podcast. The podcast brings change agents and go-to-market leaders from some of the fastest-growing companies in the world to discuss insights for sellers framed around one question: what makes a sales rep ELITE?

The co-hosts of The Elite Selling Podcast, Frankie Vignone and Griffin Reilly, have first-hand knowledge of the sales philosophy and perspectives that Kaplan brings from working on revenue teams that adopted Force Management's methodologies. Together, the three professionals dive into the behaviors and mindset that create elite sellers during the hour-long conversation. 

John breaks down topics including the six keys to being an elite seller, strategies for building the pipeline, and the three P's of sales planning: purpose, process, and payoff.

"All experiences can be good if we believe they are purposeful," John says when describing how to face challenges. "Some of the biggest growth for all of us has come from difficult situations. If you believe what's going on is purposeful, even in suffering, there is opportunity for personal growth."

Check out the full episode here.

You can hear John Kaplan twice each week on new episodes of The Revenue Builder's Podcast, which features B2B sales leaders and executives covering the best practices for scaling and growing business as well as the pitfalls to avoid. John is also a frequent guest on The Audible Ready Sales Podcast, where he shares thoughts and tips for managers and reps looking to take their careers to the next level.

John is a regular contributor on the Ascender sales acceleration platform. Find him on Ascender every week in diverse content forms: original articles, live events, online discussions, and short video clips where he provides expertise and experience on the successful pursuit of being elite.

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