Solving Business Problems: 5 Power Plays to Make You Audible-Ready

Solving Business Problems: 5 Power Plays to Make You Audible-Ready

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Solving business problems for your customer is easier when you can adjust the sales conversation based on what your buyer needs. Audible-ready sellers excel at actively moving conversations forward by articulating value and differentiation in a way that ties their solutions to their buyer's most pressing business issues. 

Use these five power plays to make sure you are audible-ready on your next sales call: 

1. Understand Pain Points

Before you launch into a conversation about products, ask discovery questions that will provide insight about your prospect’s biggest pain points. Start the discussion with open-ended statements like “Tell me about,” or “Describe for me.” This will set your conversation up to uncover specific challenges that are on the prospect’s mind. It will also show that you’re sincere about addressing those unique issues, and will gain more interest in your solution.

2. Make Your Sales Conversation Solution-Based

Each company is different. So, treat them that way. Buyers are only concerned with their problems. Make your deals easier to close by focusing your message on how your solution is aligned with the buyer’s largest business needs. Buyers trust value-sellers because they demonstrate how their product will have a lasting impact on the buyer.

3. Think Like A Buyer

Buyers have a laundry list of needs and they want tailored solutions. Help them cross off each bulleted problem by explaining exactly how your product will satisfy each of their critical problems. Be more than just another vendor. Tie your product to their business needs. If potential buyers can’t see the tie, your product may seem like more than what they need.

4. Articulate Differentiation Early

Differentiating yourself from competitors early in the sales cycle will prevent you from losing deals at the last minute. Metrics and customer testimonials will provide proof of your past successes and convince your prospects to trust your solution.  If a customer thinks they can’t get what you offer anywhere else, price becomes less of a concern.

5. Demonstrate Value

Once you have a clear outline of your prospect’s pain points, the value in your solution can be demonstrated. But there needs to be a common framework among your sales team to help deliver their value proposition. Otherwise, your prospect may become skeptical. Consistent language across the sales team will help buyers better understand how your solution aligns with their problems. Effectively communicating value can build stronger customer relationships and bring in more revenue per sales rep.

How has being audible-ready helped you become a trusted advisor to your customers? Let us know!

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