How to Get Out of a Social Sales Rut and Drive Revenue

How to Get Out of a Social Sales Rut and Drive Revenue

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Even the most seasoned social media users hit a wall sometimes when it comes to prospecting new opportunities. Much like the traditional sales process, social media has its ups and downs, and occasionally you may find yourself feeling as though you’re stuck in a social selling rut.

Use these LinkedIn-specific tips to generate new leads or to invigorate old ones.

1. Update Your Profile

Have you recently received new responsibilities that aren’t reflected on your LinkedIn profile? Add them! And while you’re at it, look at other areas of your profile that can always use a quick refresh such as your skills and expertise, summary and professional portfolio. Keep in mind that when you update your profile your network is notified, giving other users a reason to check out your page and interact with you.

2. Reconnect with Old Contacts

Every sales rep has at least a few prospects that seemed promising at first, but ended up not quite ready to commit to a deal. Take this downtime in your social sales cycle to strike up a new conversation with one of these latent prospects and see if they’re any closer to making a decision. It never hurts to check in!

3. Join a New Group

Joining groups on LinkedIn offers a number of benefits, one of which is the introduction to new potential prospects! Join a group relevant to your industry or the industry of your key audience and start interacting with active members. Answering questions, sharing appropriate content (more informative, less promotional) and engaging with other users are simple ways to find new leads.

4. Mix It Up

You may be sharing great content, but that doesn’t mean it’s resonating with your audience. Take a few days off from sharing your go-to content and instead share posts with a different tone or focus. But don’t stray so far from your bread and butter that you are no longer relevant to your prospects! For example, instead of sharing content that is strictly focused on the products you’re selling, share articles that will start great conversations about breaking news or industry-related trends.

5. Check ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’

This recently updated LinkedIn widget now has two awesome functions: it shows you which LinkedIn users have recently viewed your profile AND gives great tips for optimizing your presence. Suggestions such as information to add to your profile or specific pieces of content to share can point you in exactly the direction you should be heading to find more prospects.

6. Engage with Content

Sometimes, the easiest way to start a valuable conversation with a potential prospect is by simply commenting on or liking one of their posts. Take some time to look through your news feed and like or comment on a few updates that stand out to you. Remember to keep your comments positive and relevant to increase your chances of a response.

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