Why I Shut Down my Startup
with Guilherme Stetelle Martins

Guilherme Stetelle Martins is an engineer turned software sales professional. He’s been in Software Sales his entire career from BDR to Enterprise AE. He’s also had a lot of failures that have taught him a lot about life and business, including the company he founded and shut down in early 2024. He also writes frequently about business, life and his projects on LinkedIn.

Guilherme joins John McMahon and John Kaplan to discuss his experience as a startup founder and the lessons he learned from shutting down his company. Guilherme shares his journey from being an engineer to entering the world of software sales. He explains why he decided to start his own company and the challenges he faced along the way. The conversation dives into the importance of timing, the energy required to be an entrepreneur, and the distinction between being a patriot and a mercenary. Guilherme emphasizes the need for self-reflection and understanding one's own motivations and limitations.

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