The Value of Sales Engineers in the Sales Process
with John Care

John Care spent numerous years building world-class Sales Engineering organizations at Oracle, Sybase, Vantive, Clarify, CA, Business Objects, and HP Software. He is the co-author of Mastering Technical Sales and has been published in such diverse media as CIO, InfoWorld, Touchline, and The Wall Street Journal.

In this episode, John Care joins hosts John McMahon and John Kaplan to discuss the role of technical sales and how sales leaders can effectively utilize sales engineers (SEs) to demonstrate customer value and differentiate their solutions. They emphasize the importance of building relationships, storytelling, and slowing down to go fast in the sales process. The conversation also covers the partnership between SEs and account executives (AEs), the value SEs bring to the sales team, and the significance of qualification and preparation before demos and proof of concepts (POCs).

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