Brian Walsh Appears on the Pillar Talk: Building Sales Leadership Podcast

Force Management posted on April 5, 2024

CHARLOTTE, N.C., —  Brian Walsh, Managing Director at Force Management, joined host Rick Smolen on the Pillar Talk Podcast to share insight into the art and science of sales coaching. The April 5th episode, Mastering the Craft of Sales Coaching with Brian Walsh, is available on Apple, Spotify, and all major streaming platforms.  

The Pillar Talk: Building Sales Leadership podcast brings in seasoned B2B sales leaders to discuss successful leadership, what works and what doesn’t, and lessons picked up along the way. Smolen organizes the fundamentals of sales leadership into six pillars. During this episode, the two leaders hone in on the fourth pillar: Coaching and Mastering the Art of Sales.

Brian Walsh brings significant experience leading sales and service organizations along with over ten years of managing training engagements as a Force Management Facilitator. In this video clip from the episode, Brian breaks down the three inevitable outcomes for leaders and how awareness of these fates should guide choices and behaviors while running an organization:

Other key topics from the wide-ranging discussion include the importance of coaching coaches, best practices for elevating team performance, and a deep dive into the behavioral influence of senior leadership.

The Pillar Talk Podcast with Rick Smolen airs up to three times each month with insights and stories that help sales leaders build the foundation for success.

Brian is a frequent guest on the Audible Ready Sales Podcast and can be found each week dispensing critical tips for success in today’s market on the Ascender® sales execution and eLearning platform.

Don’t miss Brian's upcoming Driving a Revenue Mindset live webinar, where he’ll outline strategies B2B tech sales organizations can leverage to capture and convey value across the customer lifecycle. Sign up to watch live or on-demand here.

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