Your Quota. Your Platform.

Introducing a new subscription platform to empower a salesperson's career and success. With community, content and curriculum, Ascender™ takes Force Management's best practices and combines them with a tool to drive individual sales growth.

Watch Force Management's CEO Grant Wilson talk about the goal of Ascender and the value for subscribers.

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    Individual Contributors

    An Individual Focus

    When you want to be the best, you have to put in the work. That’s what we’ve done at Force for nearly 20 years, helping companies and their salespeople drive record-breaking outcomes that have become the gold standard in sales performance. 

    We’ve used that point-of-view for Ascender, a platform built solely for individual contributors, no matter where they work.

    • Blogs, videos and podcasts to help enable the daily grind. Our content feeds are updated daily.
    • Courses to help individuals progress their career and equip themselves with sales best practices.
    • A place to network with other salespeople and get your questions answered.

    Are you a Force Management Customer?

    Ascender is sold by individual subscription and contains no customized content to help with company-driven outcomes. It's meant as a tool for salespeople, no matter their company. Check out our FAQ for customers here.

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    Leading a Small Team?

    Leading a Small Team?

    When trying to make headway with a small team, you need your salespeople armed with basic sales skills.

    Companies that are in their pre-seed or seed round find value with Ascender's coursework, as well as the content to help stay on track day in and day out.

    Early-stage companies are often too small to take on Force Management's full engagements. Ascender provides a great base for small teams to: 

    • Start a foundation of best practices within the sales function.
    • Use Ascender's tools to help you coach your team, so you can focus on growing the business.
    • Build a sales discipline, so when you're ready to take on a larger scale sales initiative, it's more effective. 
    Read the News Release

    Force Announces Ascender

    Read the News Release

    Force Management, provider of elite sales solutions, today launched Ascender™ by Force Management, an online subscription platform for individual contributors and small teams. Ascender taps into Force Management’s proven sales effectiveness strategies, which have led some of the world’s largest brands to achieve record revenue growth. Read more here...


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