Behind the Deal: A Perspective from
an Economic Buyer
with Carl Froggett and Joe Lynch

In this episode, John McMahon and John Kaplan, features an insightful conversation on selling to the economic buyer with guests Carl Froggett, CIO at Deep Instinct, and Joe Lynch, Sales Director for the East at Deep Instinct. Before they were colleagues, Joe sold to Carl. Carl shares his extensive experience as an economic buyer in tech deals, highlighting the importance of account executives not wasting his time with generic pitches or vendor bashing, and instead focusing on understanding his business needs. Joe discusses his approach to selling to Carl at Citi, emphasizing the value of doing thorough research, building trust, and creating a tailored value proposition. The discussion also covers strategies for forming genuine partnerships with clients, the challenges of navigating sales processes within large global banks, and the innovative threat prevention technology offered by Deep Instinct. The conversation provides valuable insights for B2B sales professionals on effectively engaging with economic buyers and fostering long-term partnerships.


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