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The Force Management Difference

A Focus on Measurable Results

Why Top Companies Choose Force Management

We work with our clients to fundamentally transform their sales organizations, focusing specifically on increasing sales revenue, sales margin and market share.
What makes us different is how we get there.

We Know Sales

Our people understand what it's like to work in sales because we’ve led sales organizations and have decades of selling experience.

We Customize

Our methodologies are customized to your organization, ensuring they're relevant and immediately usable. 

We Make it Stick

Each of our programs have an extremely high adoption rate and longevity within the organization. 

We Focus on Results

Our recommendations and engagement process result in dramatic sales performance improvements for our clients.


Our Experience Is Our Strength.

Find out how Force Management can help you improve your sales initiatives and reach your goals.



Our process makes us different.
Our experience drives results.

Our programs are grounded in your most pressing business objectives. They’re not based on outdated, cookie-cutter sales training methodologies. We don't ask you to discard the sales enablement investments you've already made. Instead, we tailor our materials to reinforce your existing processes, systems and sales training initiatives. In many cases, our approach actually improves the adoption of your current programs. 

Kickoff and Discovery 

Every engagement begins with a kickoff and discovery phase. Just like in a sales process, our project team gathers the insights needed about your company, organizational structure, buyers, products and industry.  We'll assess where you have cross-functional alignment and where it can be improved. We'll figure out what dynamics are impacting your results and develop a road map to success.
You play an integral role in ensuring that we gather the needed information from your internal players and your customers to ensure that our program is customized to your organization. 


Force Management Workshops


Our series of high-impact workshops pull together the knowledge of senior members of your relevant teams to create the tools that will be rolled out to the entire organization.  Our workshops are pivotal because they set the stage for alignment moving forward. This is one of the hardest stages, but our clients tell us repeatedly it's one of the most valuable. 
Watch the video to hear some of our repeat clients speak about the workshop process. 

Understand Your Investment

It’s tough to say exactly how much a sales initiative costs because there are several factors that contribute to it, as well as several that will lower the cost. We're here to help you understand your investment, and transform your business.

Learn How We Can Help

Integration That Powers Adoption

The next step is to integrate the developed content into our baseline curriculum of the training. We also identify and develop any new materials that are needed to support the sales training. We want to ensure that everything rolled-out to your sales teams has cross-functional agreement and is relevant to what they do every day. This is also the stage where you sign off on anything that will be delivered to your teams.

Opportunity Manager - SFDC AppOpportunity Manager Salesforce Integration

A turnkey solution for integrating Force Management methodologies and deliverables into Salesforce.

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Delivery is the stage where we launch the program to your sales organization. This where that traditional B2B sales training happens. Our approach is based on state-of-the-art adult learning models. The majority of the instruction consists of role plays and practical exercises that take advantage of real-world selling scenarios. Pre-work is delivered via our Command Center® engagement management system.

Watch a Delivery in Action

See our experts deliver our Value Negotiation Training

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Embed and Sustain

We differentiate ourselves by ensuring that the desired learning behaviors are adopted in the short-term and sustained in the long-term.  This step is where we help you execute the plan for adoption that was created in the earlier stages. It’s during the sustain phase where customer most often see the Force Management difference.  Our fast-start sessions, manager coaching and opportunity review add-on services are also incorporated in this phase should the client need them.
Drive adoption by bringing the engagement into your sales team's daily activities:
Opportunity Manager: integrate our methodologies into your Salesforce CRM, where your sales teams live every day.
The Command Center: provide online courses and reinforcement materials that drive consistent adoption and execution of the methodology.

Force Management’s Award-Winning Approach

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The Command Center®

The Command Center is a mobile application built and used to support the development, accelerated adoption, and reinforcement of Force Management’s methodologies.


This Isn’t Your Average Sales Initiative

You know your organization. You know what’s working and what isn’t. It’s likely your challenges are the same ones we’ve helped countless of other leaders fix permanently.

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