Developing Buyer Champions
with Richard Rivera

Part 1: Developing Buyer Champions

The buyer champion is a crucial part of any deal, but especially important in a challenging sales environment. Richard Rivera, Founder of GENNOW Sales Consulting, joined the Revenue Builders Podcast to discuss his book The Champion Sell and his insights on what makes a great buyer champion. In his conversation with John Kaplan and John McMahon, Richard shares his view on the different archetypes of champions, as well as advice for sellers and leaders on how to incorporate stronger champion practices into their sales rhythm.


Part 2: Developing Elite Sales Habits

In Part 2 we continue our conversation with Richard Rivera and discuss his formula for sales success: what he calls the E.L.I.T.E. method for aligning with the buyer. E.L.I.T.E. stands for Emotional Connection, Leading Vision, Inspiring Commitment, Trust Building, and Empowering Champions. Tune in to this episode of Revenue Builders to hear Richard break down these 5 game-changing strategies in an insightful conversation with our hosts John Kaplan and John McMahon.


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