Dan Dawson

Senior Partner

A skilled sales leader and consultant, Dan Dawson’s background includes more than 25 years of sales and sales management experience.

At Force Management, Dawson specializes in sales management consulting and driving measurable results through reinforcement and adoption. He has advised and managed projects addressing a variety of sales challenges, including:

  • Adoption methods
  • Sales process improvement
  • Channel strategy and organization
  • Support and services sales
  • Sales effectiveness assessment

Prior to joining Force Management, Dawson served as principal partner at D-Limited, leading marketing and sales services delivery for technology and financial solution providers focused on the enterprise. Prior to this Dawson held sales leadership positions at Varolii Corporation, NetApp, Acta, Portare, and Memorex Telex, transforming sales teams from product sellers to client-oriented, business solution teams.

Dawson graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration. His military service was performed in the US Army, 82nd Airborne Division, Headquarters Company, Office of G-3 Planning and Operations.

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