What Fuels the Sales Performance Engine?

What Fuels the Sales Performance Engine?

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There are many things that fuel sales performance, but two of the most critical are discipline and practicality for your reps. Without these two elements, it is difficult to achieve repeated performance and quota attainment.

Too often company leaders say they’re undergoing major branding initiatives or strategic initiatives, but they fall flat because they don’t take the time to make them practical. It's one thing to participate in a training session, but it's an entirely separate skill to take that training and be able to apply teachings to real-life scenarios. The trick is to operationalize the concepts for your entire organization. For example, how does a direct rep use this with an enterprise-level deal? What do these mean for the rep that is using a compelling pain point to book a meeting? What about the customer success rep who only has 3 minutes to articulate the value aligned to a big business problem?

No matter the company, sales organizations are often faced with similar challenges. There isn't a sales leader out there who's not looking for a way to improve productivity and quota attainment. Unfortunately, companies often function in silos, with sales, marketing and operations working separately instead of together toward common goals. It is difficult to drive revenue if your sales organization isn't aligned to what the other departments are doing. Company leaders, from the c-suite down, often aren’t invested in what it takes to increase sales through true sales transformation. (Hint: It’s not a quick fix.) But most of all, very few have the guts to do it better. Too many firms have been there, done that and then moved on to the next shiny thing and changed nothing. Motivational speeches fizzle quickly, unfortunately.

Force Management's John Kaplan talked recently with Revenue Collective's Founder Sam Jacobs at their recent Executive Off-site in New York. You can hear his interview in the latest episode of the Sales Hacker podcast.

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