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Sales Leadership Questions Answered: Driving Success in Remote Sales Environments

Sales Leadership Questions Answered: Driving Success in Remote Sales Environments

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Get more out of your team and cut through the noise of remote working challenges. In our recent webinar, Force Management President, John Kaplan, answered timely questions on sales leadership actions related to the “post-Covid” world and remote working strategies. We’ve compiled some of the most impactful topics and resources that you may find valuable as you decide what’s needed to support your sales team in hitting revenue goals.

If you want to watch the full discussion, access the on-demand webinar here.

1. In the current climate, what key metrics are emerging that are new or different compared to what sales leaders have traditionally measured?

Increasing revenue per seller is always critical, but we’re seeing more companies focus on improving seller engagement and retention as well. Your individual sellers and managers are your most important asset. The right sales talent can give your company a clear competitive advantage. 

Here are resources you might find helpful:

2. What COVID-related changes are you seeing most often and how are sales leaders prioritizing their next steps?

We’re seeing many companies focus on realigning with their buyer to ensure their sales team can uncover and attach to their buyer’s biggest needs and business pains. Ensure your reps have the skills and knowledge they need to be relevant to your buyers and sell on value. Define where you may need to rethink and realign cross-functionally, as it relates to your solution’s business value and competitive differentiation. Consider what’s changed and how you can invest in your people accordingly, so they can deliver ROI. 

Here are resources you might find helpful:

3. How are sales leaders keeping their teams engaged with company priorities, in a way that minimizes distractions or lack of motivation?

As a sales leader, you have to take ownership of what you implement to align sales behind company priorities. Communication and involvement from you are imperative, especially as you work to keep your team motivated and cut through the noise of remote working distractions. Find ways to reach the hearts and minds of front-line salespeople. Provide your sales organization with the “Why.” Why are you asking your sales team to make changes to their daily rhythms? How will this shift benefit them? Once you provide the “why,” getting salespeople to execute the “what” and the “how” is much easier.

Here are resources you might find helpful:

Prove Your Value to Your Company and Your Team

As you decide how best to motivate and lead your teams next year, watch this on-demand webinar on, Sales Leadership and Accountability. John Kaplan takes a deep dive on the actions sales leaders are taking right now to align their organizations behind company shifts and equip their salespeople to be relevant to buyer needs. Get access here.

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