Our Best Sales Kickoff Resources

Our Best Sales Kickoff Resources

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It is never too early to start thinking about your sales kickoff. Having a specific plan to align the event with the overall company growth goals and objectives for the year is critical to not only the event's success, but will help drive results after the kickoff.

The best sales leaders in the world understand these events are about more than just the sales team. Used strategically, they can align the overall company on what's most important - the customer. That's why we've been writing a lot about the sales kickoff these past few weeks. The more your event is aligned with company-level objectives, the more it will set your salespeople up for success in the next four quarters.

Whether you're in sales enablement, sales leadership or the c-suite, you may find value in our sales kickoff resource page. We launched it last month and since then it's received a lot of traction. The links below are some of the most popular pieces of content on the page. Since other people are enjoying them, you may too. 

The People in the Room

Your people will have one of three different mindsets walking into the event. We break down how to recognize them and how to deal with both skeptics and cynics.

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Event Timeline

We receive a lot of questions about how best to structure the event so you're making the most of people's time away from selling. This timeline gives an outline of how you can structure your event in a way that's not too overwhelming and provides some opportunity for some team building and fun.

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Specific Mistakes to Avoid

Our sales delivery expert Dave Davies sat down for a frank conversation on what makes an SKO successful and what will make it a disaster. You can hear his point of view in this webinar and take away some great best practices for your own event. This conversation is for all levels of leadership in the organization.

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Ensure its Success

We work with sales organizations every day, and when it comes to sales kickoff events, we’ve seen it all — the good, the bad and the ugly. The best sales kickoffs start with a shift in mindset and involves critical steps that you need to take right now. It's never too early to plan. Take a look at this digital eBook and use it to help guide you to a successful SKO.

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Sales Kickoff Resource Guide

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