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Methods to Increase Sales: Celebrate Successes

Methods to Increase Sales: Celebrate Successes

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There isn't a successful sales leader out there who isn't focused on hitting the revenue number quarter after quarter. We are all living and dying by the (hopefully accurate) forecast. While the major metrics are important to measuring the success of your sales and account teams (e.g., RMR, Average Deal Size, Sales Cycles, Churn). One of the most underrated methods to increase sales among your teams is to recognize success, even the smallest accomplishments. Lifting up small wins is critical after rolling out a new initiative to your sales teams.

Perhaps you are planning on launching a new sales process, or messaging initiative at your next sales kickoff. If you're planning on your teams actually adopting the new way of doing things, you likely have a reinforcement roadmap that includes plans for things like: 

  • how front-line managers are equipped to inspect and coach to the new methodologies
  • ensuring that the methodology is drafted into your CRM system and any reporting outputs
  • a consistent communication strategy to account teams that helps reinforce best practices

While these bullets are not all the components to a successful adoption strategy, they are key. What's also important is to communicate initiative success. Sure, you want to hit the major metrics, but if you've launched it correctly, there will be leading indicators that your teams are on their way to adopting new practices. Things like trying out a new question track with a prospect, practicing with role plays prior to a customer call, even using a pre-call planner aligned to the new methodology can all be signs your reinforcement efforts are succeeding. Some of our Command of the Message® customers require reps to be audible-ready and recite "The Mantra" in front of their peers. One customer even gave people $50 for successfully completing the task.

It's your job as a leader to celebrate these successes. If you lift up the people who adopt the new way of doing things - and demonstrate the success they've had - others will be more likely to follow suit and you'll be more likely to hit the big metrics you're trying to achieve.

Here are some additional leading indicators we encourage our customers to track and communicate about when they're done well.

Before initiative launch

  • Timely completion of work plan activities
  • Timely reviews and approvals of key deliverables
  • Completion of any pre-work assignments

Post initiative launch

  • Positive feedback from any event or training evaluations, as well as adoption surveys
  • Completion of Commitments to Action
  • Great examples of management reinforcement
  • Rep success stories of using the new methodology

Launching a new initiative is time consuming, but it can be rewarding. As leaders, it's all too easy to get "heads down" into the work and forget to stop and recognize the work. It's easy to lend praise to the teams who exceed quota and close the major deals. However, taking the time to celebrate the small wins can also create a path to adoption and lasting success.

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