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Five Ways You Can Use our Podcasts to Drive Sales Effectiveness

Five Ways You Can Use our Podcasts to Drive Sales Effectiveness

Categories: Sales Transformation  |  Adoption and Reinforcement

We’re getting some great feedback from you about how you’re using our podcasts them with your teams. (Have an idea for a topic? Email me).

We hear that they're great tools to reinforce key concepts you may have learned in training and drive best practices on your team.

Here are five ways you can use them right now with your teams:

1. Reinforce important concepts

To drive sales effectiveness on your team, there are major concepts you need your salespeople to grasp. Podcasts are a great way to reinforce important concepts with your team. Whether it’s effective discovery or trap-setting questions, listening to ten minutes of subject matter experts share their perspectives and best practices around these topics could be just the reinforcement your salespeople need to execute.

2. Use them as trigger points to add your own perspective

As a sales manager or executive, you have your own sales experience that can add valuable perspective to key sales execution concepts. If there’s a particular podcast that covers a topic that you want your team to listen to, send out the link with a quick email that offers your own perspective as it relates to the current state at your company.

For example, let’s say your team is struggling with negative consequences and you want to reinforce the importance of uncovering the business pain with prospects. Perhaps you have a great example in your own sales background where you didn’t do this effectively and you missed out on a huge opportunity to add value with a prospect. Or, there are some great questions you’ve used in the past that help dig deep on business pain. Send your team an email (1) encouraging them to listen to the podcast and (2) offer your own perspective on the topic. 

3. Leverage them to share success stories

Success leads to success. Use the podcasts as a way to celebrate people on your team who executed the concepts really well. Maybe this week you participated in a call with a team member who did a really good job executing effective discovery. Share that success with your team and share the “Effective Discovery” podcast to offer additional tips for them to execute in their next sales conversations. (Here is a great case study we did on a team from Welch Allyn who knocked it out of the park on discovery and won a huge deal for the company. Great example to share with your teams, even if you’re in a different industry). 

4. Copy our Idea

We love doing podcasts because they’re relatively easy to put together and they can be really valuable for our target audience. They can also be an effective tool for you to use internally as you try to reinforce Command of the Message® or any other new sales processes. Here are two ways to use them:

Prior to Initiative Rollout or Sales Kickoff:
Have sales enablement or a marketing team member interview key members of sales leadership prior to your initiative roll out. Have them run through the purpose, process and payoff of the initiative for your company. Why are you launching the program? What’s in it for the sales team? What do you want them to take away from the training?

Post-Training or Kickoff

Build on the momentum you created with your kickoff or post-training initiative. Schedule a series of podcasts to reinforce key points with your sales team. You can use our topics as a guide and customize the discussion based on your own company strategy and  initiatives. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like help determining topics. 

5. Encourage Subscriptions

Let us do the work for you. Encourage your team to subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes. We are making it a point to create content that’s valuable for sales reps and sales managers who want to increase revenue, many of whom are launching Force Management and GrowthPlay initiatives. Send out a note and encourage them to subscribe to our podcasts. You can copy and paste this language to help guide your team email:

If you’re looking for additional ways to improve your sales execution, subscribe to Force Management’s podcasts on iTunes. They cover a variety of topics from asking great prospect questions to digging deep on uncovering business pain. They’re a valuable way to spend 10 minutes. Here is a link to their iTunes page.

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