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Our Top Content: What

Our Top Content: What's Resonating Most With Sales Leaders

We’ve been publishing a lot of content this year. We even set a record for website visits. Sometimes, we even have trouble keeping up with everything we’re publishing. So, we’re thinking some of you may have missed some of the assets we’ve put out this year. 

We’ve pulled our most popular pieces into one easy blog for you to review. The assets represent what other sales leaders are taking interest in as they define their biggest opportunities to course correct and drive revenue growth. They may also provide you with similar insights and valuable strategies to consider.

Resources on strategic sales process improvements:

1. MEDDICC Content

Our MEDDICC offering page is consistently one of our most viewed pages on the web site. With virtual training offerings now available, there has been a spike in MEDDICC interest. Clearly sales leaders are looking for new ways to mitigate stalled deals, discounts and losses for good. Here are two pieces that received the most visits this year:

  • How to Make MEDDICC Work for Your Sales Organization
    What impacts the success of any qualification tool is the process of your sales teams and your managers working together to apply the critical criteria to every deal. As you consider launching a custom MEDDICC tool into your qualification process, ensure you know what’s needed from your sales teams to drive it’s success and achieve the results you’re looking for.
  • How Sales Messaging & Qualification Drive Scalable Growth
    To counteract poor performance, many sales leaders are choosing not to wait for things to return to “normal”. Instead, sales leaders are investing in sales training initiatives and transformations aimed at solving their underlying sales execution challenges. In this article, we’ve broken down the most critical challenges sales organizations are facing right now, and the areas of focus sales leaders are investing in to course correct these issues and improve sales performance.

2. Sales Negotiation Resources

Recently, deep discounts, no-decisions and losses have become commonplace for many sales teams. Elite sales leaders have been able to mitigate these challenges — even during a pandemic — by equipping their salespeople with a defined strategy to instill value in their deals early and often. Share our library of value negotiation resources with your sales teams to enable them to keep value in their deals and repeatedly earn high-value margins at close.

3. What's the Meaning of Command of the Message

We send this blog to every person we train. Why? Because it's critically important salespeople have command of their message in every critical sales conversation. Share these principles with your sales teams to equip them to have command of your message in their opportunities.

Resources for responding to current state:

1. On-Demand Webinar: How to Maintain Sales Rep Productivity Right Now

Throughout the first half of 2020, sales leaders and managers have been constantly looking for ways to help their teams hit their numbers. This on-demand webinar covers actionable strategies you can implement immediately to course correct sales team performance and drive revenue in this quarter and the next. 

2. Podcast: Aligning With Your Buyer

Equipping your salespeople to align with your buyer and address your customer’s evolving challenges, in today's economic climate, is key to preserving margins. Listen to our popular podcast on Aligning With Your Buyer’s Evolving Needs, to hear how you can prepare your sales teams to be purposeful in their sales process, creating and capturing value consistently. 

3. Five Ways to Help Reps Focus on Selling Value

With news changing daily and many of your sales reps dealing with personal challenges (family safety, homeschooling, etc.), keeping reps focused and productive is challenging. Here are five ways sales leaders are working with managers to drive performance and help their sales teams hit their numbers.

4. Get Busy: Responding to Our Current State

Back in the beginning of March, President and Managing Partner John Kaplan shared an honest reflection of how he responded to the pandemic and economic environment at the time. He shared some “spirit” around how executive leaders can get busy and support their sales teams. Today, it remains a popular read amongst our Force Management network and leaders out there looking for a way to reset their mindset and stay uncommon in what they do.

Resources for moving forward:

1. Recovering & Driving Revenue eBook

Elite sales leaders are finding ways to recover and drive revenue by getting busy, and they’re reaping significant rewards from doing so. They’ve got numbers to hit and they’re not waiting for circumstances to change before they take action. We’ve shared some of the ways sales leaders are investing in strategic changes to pivot and drive revenue throughout the rest of the year.

2. Aligning Your Executive Team on Sales Strategy

As a sales leader, you know one of the most difficult steps in moving forward with a strategic sales initiative is getting your executive team aligned with your strategy. With your executive team making difficult and strategic decisions of their own right now, this alignment may be even more difficult to achieve. Here are a few of our best resources that we’ve shared with our customers recently to help them achieve this necessary alignment.

3. The Power of a Virtual Sales Training Engagement

There are many sales leaders who are trying to decide when to move forward with a new sales initiative. They’re deciding between waiting or moving forward with a virtual, sales training engagement. Most sales leaders are coming to the conclusion that they don’t have time to wait. We sat down to discuss how sales organizations are moving forward right now in a remote environment, and how this move is already paying off for our customers.

Stay Up-to-Date on Sales Strategies for Driving Revenue 

Since we've hit record website visits this year, we wanted to say thank you to those who’ve enjoyed our content and shared it with their networks and sales teams. If you’re looking for more sales insights and relevant strategies to share, subscribe to The Audible-Ready Podcast. We post new episodes every week on all of the major streaming platforms and bring in experts in the industry to discuss timely topics for sales leaders and their teams.

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