Teach and reinforce performance improvement behaviors

Adoption is not an event that takes place after training. It is a mindset that needs to influence the design, development, delivery and reinforcement of sales performance improvement training. Adoption is the basis of our learning philosophy and consists of three integrated disciplines: Relevancy, Reinforcement and Measurement.

The elements of successful adoption

Relevancy -  our curriculum is tailored to reflect the real-world selling situations that your team encounters every day. Our sales tools and processes are not just relevant, but sales consumable.  Sales teams see them as mechanisms to boost productivity, not just another administrative burden.

Reinforcement – we work primarily with first- and second-line managers to ensure adoption by:

  • Gaining widespread management involvement throughout the project
  • Leveraging sales managers and executives during training
  • Ensuring concepts are understood and applied through refresher programs
  • Helping managers reinforce behaviors through sales coaching programs

Measurement - we help tie sales program results to your organization’s key performance indicators. Using a score carding system – that measures baseline vs. desired vs. actual results – our process ensures that your sales enablement programs achieve your desired return on investment.

Our Adoption Model reinforces sales performance improvement behaviors and increases your return on investment.

Enhancing the depth of adoption for sales success

To ensure successful adoption, we provide each member of your sales team with immediate opportunities to embrace and successfully apply new skills. Customized sales tools and templates are automated and maintained through our Client Adoption Portal.  Adoption is also encouraged through interactive refresher courses and through capturing and sharing company success stories.

Sales management monitors adoption success through participant surveys, KPI reports and executive management reviews.  Lastly, our Solutions and adoption model integrate with other sales enablement programs you may already have in place.

Ready to get started?

To learn more about how our adoption approach improves the return on your sales enablement investments, please contact us.

Creating Effective Sales Management across the Organization

“What Force Management brought to the table was the structure and the impetus to get us to sit down, cross functionally and actually hammer out the details of what our standard focused messaging was going to be as our sales teams went to market. We all got behind it.”

- Dave O'Connell, Senior Manager, Worldwide Sales Enablement, RSA