Consistently Negotiate Your Value and Differentiation

VN_logoA successful sales negotiation process requires that an organization arm its sellers with the tools necessary to negotiate a great deal, no matter the customer.  Without an overall company strategy based on negotiating value, sales teams typically experience challenges like: 

  • Failure to preserve margins
  • Difficulty understanding the customer’s decision-making process
  • Confined access to multiple decision makers
  • Limited competitive intelligence 
  • Insufficient relationships within the buying organization

Truly successful sales teams are aligned behind a clearly-defined view of what constitutes a great outcome in any deal, no matter the customer. As a result, they can position higher value solutions to their customers, drive efficiency within internal departments and better protect deal margins.

Get the Right Tools to Improve your Sales Negotiations

In order to improve the way your sales team negotiates, you need a repeatable process that capitalizes on your value message and creates consistency throughout your organization. In our experience, that starts with: (1) creating a clear definition of what makes a great deal for your company and (2) providing sellers with the necessary tools to consistently execute your negotiation strategy. 

Value Negotiation™ Can Help 

Our Value Negotiation™ Workshop goes beyond a tactical approach for individual sellers.  Instead, our methodology helps sellers leverage value and differentiation throughout the entire sales cycle, providing sellers with better control during the final stages of negotiation.

We’ll work with sales and cross-functional leadership teams to create customized negotiation tools that leverage your Value Framework. This will support sellers in consistently executing your negotiation process, leveraging your value and preserving margins.

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Creating Effective Sales Management across the Organization

“What Force Management brought to the table was the structure and the impetus to get us to sit down, cross functionally and actually hammer out the details of what our standard focused messaging was going to be as our sales teams went to market. We all got behind it.”

- Dave O'Connell, Senior Manager, Worldwide Sales Enablement, RSA