Attract, on-board, and develop top performers

The ability to attract, on-board, and develop top talent is crucial to building a high-performing sales team. But that’s easier said than done. We often see companies struggling with talent management problems such as:

  • Frequent mis-hires
  • Loss of key talent to the competition
  • Insufficient bench strength for growth

A successful talent management program can help you avoid these common pitfalls. Clients we’ve worked with have consistently achieved lower turnover, quicker time-to-productivity, and improved sales coaching and development skills.

You can get there, too.

Get the right tools to improve your bench strength

In order to attract—and keep—the right people in the right jobs, you need effective tools and processes. In our experience, that starts by clearly defining the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that people need to succeed in your sales organization.

Once you’ve defined what success looks like, you need an integrated set of tools for recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding, coaching, and developing your talent. To make these tools work efficiently and effectively, they need to be sales manager consumable. That is, they need to work without putting undue administrative burden on the management team.

Command of the Talent® can help

Our Command of the Talent® series offers an intuitive approach that leaves you with a toolkit for managing your talent. The key tool produced during Command of the Talent® is the Success Profile—an essential deliverable that precisely defines what success looks like in a sales role.

Leveraging the Success Profile, we work with your team to complete your Command of the Talent® toolkit. We’ll give your sales managers the right tools and processes for effective interviewing, on-boarding, and talent development. We’ll also work with your sales managers to sharpen their sales coaching and leadership skills in our Rethinking Leadership Training Summary Sheet.

Ready to get started?

To learn more, download the Command of the Talent® Workshop Sheet (PDF), or contact us.