Build healthy sales pipelines and forecast accurately

Healthy sales pipelines and accurate forecasts are grounded in structured territory, account and opportunity planning processes. These processes provide sales managers with an unrestricted line of sight into their sales organizations.  Without this line of sight, sales organizations often:

  • Miss quota goals
  • Forecast revenue inaccurately
  • Close the majority of deals late in the quarter – or year

A predictable sales planning process avoids these pitfalls by improving coverage of its territories and accounts.  The result is a better balance between new account sales and existing account up-sells and cross-sells.

You can get there, too.

Get the right tools to improve visibility into your sales organization

To effectively lead a sales organization, managers need a repeatable rhythm that guides the sales planning and execution processes.  This rhythm must also include a method to define expectations and inspection points.

Command of the Plan® can help

Our Command of the Plan® workshop will provide you with a structured Management Operating Rhythm® – a sales cadence – that focuses attention on your critical few, high-value sales activities.   It provides clear and real-time visibility into the performance of your sales organization.

The basis of the Management Operating Rhythm® is a powerful, yet user-friendly, toolkit of planning templates and productivity metrics.  It assists your sales leadership in coaching their sales team to build healthy sales pipelines and accurately forecast revenue.

Ready to get started?

To learn more, download the Command of the Plan® Workshop Sheet (PDF), or contact us.