Qualify, advance, and close sales opportunities

Qualifying and advancing leads requires your processes to be well defined and consistently reinforced.  When sales cycles are too long and win rates are too low, it’s often a result of:

  • Misalignment between the selling and buying processes
  • Inconsistent deal qualification criteria
  • Shortcuts within the sales process

By working back from what’s most important to the customer, our clients have consistently improved deal velocity and qualified deals in – and out – with more predictability.

You can get there, too.

Get the right tools to close opportunities within the sales process

To improve sales execution, you need a common sales language and sales process stage gates that are based on customer verifiable outcomes.  The foundation of a useful sales process is a sales-consumable set of tools and templates.  These tools help your sales team to capture and share the information necessary to manage opportunities.

A great sales process also needs to define the roles and accountabilities across the sales team.  This definition ensures that sales, technical and partner resources are properly aligned around the opportunity.

Command of the Sale® can help

Our Command of the Sale® workshop will equip you with an integrated toolkit of methods and templates that guide your sales team throughout the sales process.  We’ll help you implement a disciplined approach to qualify, advance and close sales opportunities.

If you already have a sales process, we’ll work with you to make it more impactful.  To maximize adoption, we’ll also work with you to integrate your processes and tools into your chosen CRM technologies.

Ready to get started?

To learn more, download the Command of the Sale® Workshop Sheet (PDF), or contact us.

Customized Solution Offerings

“The Force Management approach is unique because it is very specifically tailored to a given company. They built a set of tools for us to use that were specifically tailored to us. It wasn’t a standard set of management scripts that are applied company by company down the street.”

- Mike McGuinness, VP of Worldwide Sales and Field Operations, Sophos