Our Sales Effectiveness Framework® creates bottom-line impact for your sales organization.

In our experience, sales performance suffers when there is a breakdown in:

  • Customer Engagement — the way sales teams align their sales process and sales conversation with the customer’s buying process
  • Management Operating Rhythm® — the cadence that sales leaders follow to manage and develop their teams

The Force Management Command Series

Improvements in the ability to effectively engage customers and manage to a reliable operating rhythm will greatly impact the four most influential levers of sales performance.

This approach also helps the sales organization balance an external focus on the customer (Command of the Message and Sale) with an internal focus on sales management practices (Command of the Plan and Talent).

The Force Management Command Series

When all of these levers are properly calibrated, sales organizations:

  • Sell more – at higher margins
  • Qualify and close deals sooner
  • Exceed quota more frequently
  • Attract and retain key talent with less effort

Through balance and alignment across these key levers, Force Management has assisted many companies in fundamentally transforming their sales organizations.

We can help you get there, too.

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“Force Management put so much into their preparation on the front end and created an overall solution totally focused on us and our business. It makes so much more sense to the sales force. It’s almost like we’re working with members of our own team.”

- Dom Tallent, Regional Sales Manager, Allegis Group - Europe